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About Sidney Lee

Sid is the second of four sons of a father who was blessed to immigrate from China in the 1930's and escape Japans invasion of China. Sid’s parents got to experience THE AMERICAN DREAM: they went to school in the USA, opened and operated a successful grocery business, and invested in and managed apartment buildings.
From the age of 8 Sid learned from his parents about collecting rent and making bank deposits. He got to learn about property maintenance including: painting, plumbing, carpentry, concrete installation, and various other repairs.
Summers were spent going to the whole sale markets early in the morning to purchase chickens, cow hind quarters, whole lambs, fruits, and vegetables by the case.
Grateful for being in the United States Sid served 6 years in the US Marines. During that time he received priceless lessons on leadership and problem solving. He learned how to improvise when waiting on supplies, equipment, and resources when they would come late, short, or not at all.
All these transactions and childhood experiences has been a benefit to Sid’s business practices, wealth accumulation, and project management.
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Sidney Lee
RE/MAX Leading Edge
1166 Maryland Rt 3 South
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